​​​​​​Connie Olson Studios

​​​Learn to Draw and  Paint the Classical way!​

Welcome! ​​​​If you would like to understand the art that you see in galleries and museums or actually learn how to improve your own art, you have arrived at the right place. 

I will share with you  the methods of the Old Masters as well as their secrets, their geometry and help you understand why their art still thrills us centuries later.

​In a Classical art school,  students are immersed in a solid foundation of skills handed down by the traditions of the past.

To express yourself fully or to understand what you see, you must learn the basic fundamental principles of art.  Once you master these, you will then have the tools to reach your goals.

Creativity Abounds

The Libyan Sibyl by Michelangelo (Sistine Ceiling)

Come be inspired !